<WOX> Web Objects in XML </WOX>

  Efficient and easy XML serialization of Java and C# objects

What is WOX?


WOX is an XML serializer for Java and C# objects. In other words, WOX is a library (woxSerializer.jar for Java, and woxSerializer.dll for C#) to serialize Java and C# objects to XML and back again. One of its main features is the generation of standard XML, which is language independant. This means that if we serialize a Java object to XML, we could take the generated XML to reconstruct the object back to C#; and viceversa.

WOX provides a simple and robust way of serializing objects to XML. It is easy to use, and you do not have to modify your source files with any special declarations. The source code is provided, and you are free to adapt it for your own purposes.


Some of the WOX main features are listed below.


You can use WOX if you need to:

This WOX serializer is highly used in our WOX framework, which is an object-based distributed system. The WOX serializer is used to serialize the objects that are sent through the network, as well as the messages (objects) that are exchanged between WOX clients and servers. Our WOX framework is also available as an open-source project.

Known Limitations

Some of the known limitations only apply to WOX in C#. See below. If you find any other limitations, please let us know.